DAF genuine exchange parts

Tested according to the highest DAF quality standards, they have the same warranty terms as the new parts

The widest range of remanufactured components on the market

Through TH Trucks, DAF offers the most diversified and complete assortment of remanufactured parts on the market – a high-quality alternative for a large number of components such as engines, starters, alternators, transmissions, clutches, valves, injection components, water pumps, turbochargers and compressors. They are known as DAF Exchange Parts.

Same quality as new parts and same warranty terms

Same as DAF Genuine Parts, the Exchange Parts satisfy all quality standards. They are remanufactured and tested according to pre-established DAF standards. This ensures a level of quality similar to that of the new parts. Therefore, the same warranty conditions apply to DAF Exchange Parts as for the DAF Genuine Parts.

Lower prices

The use of remanufactured parts leads to massive costs savings. With DAF Exchange Parts you can significantly lower your operational costs by quickly replacing components at attractive prices. You get an automated refund on your storage tax upon delivery.