Tatra Phoenix — Engine

In-line six-cylinder diesel engine PACCAR MX liquid-cooled, in versions MX265/300/340/375, displacement 12.9 liters, turbocharging with intercooling of inflation air. Thanks to the exhaust treatment by SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) allows to satisfy the requirements of the emission limits Euro 4 and Euro 5.

MX265 265 (360)1,775EU5-EU3
MX300 300 (408)2,000EU5-EU3
MX340 340 (462)2,300EU5-EU3
MX375 375 (510)2,500EU5

1 At rated rpm 1500-1900 revs. / Min
2 At rated rpm 1000-1410 revs. / Min

The engine MX375 can be used only in combination with axes with reductions in the tires.