Truck service, trailers, semi-trailers – repairs, overhauls, diagnosis, PTI

At TH Trucks Service you are welcome by a team of professionals in the field, who has the latest technology and the skill to always perform works at the highest standards of quality. The auto service teams have gained their professionalism both by mandatory technical specialisations, in the country and abroad, as well as through their important experience accumulated in a Company with over 22 years in tradition. TH Trucks car shops benefit from all the equipment required to provide the highest quality services at all levels.

The shops provide repairs for all the brands and models of commercial vehicles. Through its national service network, TH Trucks caters for the entire Romanian territory. You can find TH Trucks car service shops in: Arad, Bacău, Brașov, Bucharest, Cluj, Constanța, Craiova, Gilău, Iași.


– regular maintenance and general repair works
– maintenance and complex repairs of engines, air and brake installations, axes – axles, gear boxes, differentials
– quick identification of the original or aftermarket spare parts necessary for the repair works, by using IT systems, depending on the chassis serial numbers
– equipping vehicles with ADR3, PTO systems, Webasto air conditioning, auxiliary heaters
– 24 h service – ITS (International Truck Service)
– assembly of HIVA tipping installations on any type of truck or tractor unit
– complete wheel service (mounting, removal, balancing, regrooving, tyre vulcanising)

Electrical service

– computer diagnosis of electrical-electronic systems for all brands of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers
– diagnosis of brake system for ABS-EBS, Wabco and Knorr-Bremse semi-trailers
– assembly-repair of Webasto, Eberspacher auxiliary heaters, as well as fitting vehicles with audio/video installations, tachograph, GPS systems for fleet management, etc.
– repair and maintenance of the conditioning system for all brands of trucks, refrigerant agent replacement, compressors, radiators, ducts.

Computer diagnosis

– diagnosis of electronic systems for all brands of trucks by using TEXA and BOSCH equipment
– P.T.I. works and checks of brake, steering and suspension systems – by using R.A.R. approved stands
– diagnosis of ABS-EBS systems with WABCO and Knorr – Bremse devices for all brands of trailers and semi-trailers

Car body repair & painting

All repairs which target the car’s metallic structure take place in a separate room. The main advantage of this activity is the highly-qualified personnel, which allows us to make the proper post-accident repairs to all truck and vehicle brands.
Very important: we repair semi-trailer structures (shutters, sleepers, pillars, doors, anti-bicycle bumpers, rear bumpers, etc.).

When it comes to painting, our specialists use the most modern working methods (from a technical, economic as well as ecological point of view).

Getting ready for painting:
-in special spaces, equipped with filters and suction installations
-thus we are careful to preserve operation quality and protect the body

The painting process:
-is carried out in special ovens with adjustable temperature

Repairs for accidents

To ensure your business is successful, you need a reliable partner, to support you in unexpected situations, when your truck is damaged in a car accident. TH Trucks Service works with most insurance companies in Romania, being involved in various programmes and partnerships which cut to a minimum the time your truck is unavailable, by reducing as much as possible the time required to perform the approval, observation and repair formalities.

Wheel geometry

By carrying out the wheel geometry, you avoid incidents and accidents which might appear during driving, due to the wear and tear of tyres and steering elements.
The wheel geometry must be performed on a regular basis, as well as in situations when parts of the steering system and of the damping system are replaced or when tyres are changed.
We have all the necessary devices for such operations.

Tachograph service

– sells tachographs provides assembly services in any of its operational units in the country.
– complete assembly and verification services for TACHOGRAPHS SMART C1 

Trailers and semitrailers service

– check and repairs of the ABS-EBS brake system
– check and repairs of the lighting system
– suspension repairs
– diagnosis is made by using WABCO, Knorr-Bremse devices
– Schmitz Cargobull authorised ServicePartner


In addition to the car service works performed by TH Trucks, through its dealer network, the periodical technical inspection (PTI) service is intended to be an added value in gaining our customers’ confidence.
All these types of checks are made under the assistance and authorisation of the Romanian Vehicle Registry (RAR).

PTI required documents

– vehicle ID paper (CIV)
– vehicle registration certificate
– valid ID of the person who presents the vehicle for PTI
– civil liability car insurance, valid on the check date
– evidence of valid tachograph check (for the vehicles equipped with tachograph)
– all the documents must be filed in original