On June 28, 2023, we marked a moment of triumph and progress with the official opening of a new DAF dealership in Romania. In the same context, we enthusiastically launched the annual DAF Roadshow, the flagship event that takes place in various locations throughout the country.

The address of the new dealership is Industrial Park Borș, No. 1L, Borș, Bihor.

With a significant investment, this new sales and service center redefines industry standards. Modern showroom spaces, workshops equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and a team of professionals form the foundation of the new facility, aimed at providing superior transport solutions and personalized services to our customers.

Official Launch of the Roadshow

The DAF Roadshow was a highly awaited moment during the opening ceremony of the TH Trucks Bihor. The event brought together representatives from DAF Trucks NV, collaborators, TH Trucks partners, local authorities, customers and truck enthusiasts. Everyone had the opportunity to interact directly with the latest models and innovative technologies in the industry. The Roadshow illustrates the quality and superior performance of DAF trucks, confirming their position as an undisputed leader in the field of freight transport.

Excitement, Power and Interactivity

Participants were captivated by the energetic atmosphere and interactive demonstrations, interspersed with generous Test Drive sessions. They had the privilege to explore the advanced features, receive specialized consultations, and understand the benefits that these vehicles offer. From robust trucks for heavy-duty transportation to efficient solutions for distribution, the New Generation DAF impressed all those present.

Through the official opening of the new TH Trucks dealership and the launch of the DAF truck Roadshow, we demonstrate our strong commitment to providing the best road transport solutions and personalized services in the industry.

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