DAF XF and CF Euro 6

Designed for the long haul
High fuel efficiency
Low operating cost
Unequalled interior space
Best driving comfort

The best possible solution for the haulier, a joy for the driver.

When developing the last model of the DAF XF, with EURO 6 engine, maximum efficiency was the most important criterion. With a completely new chassis, new drivelines such as the new EURO 6 PACCAR MX-engines, a new look and a renewed interior, the latest model of the DAF XF is the best XF ever : the best possible solution for the haulier, a joy for the driver.

Discover the new EURO PACCAR MX-13 engines

The new EURO PACCAR MX-13 engines guarantee a long lifespan and reduced consumption. With its service interval up to 150.000 km, the XF generates a low operating cost. The frame is entirely new with space for fuel tanks with a total volume of 1.500 liter. Excellent stability is ensured thanks to the new cab and suspension.

Efficiency of the future

Engines that guarantee a long lifespan
and reduced consumption.

Practical and elegant

The new design of the XF is practical and at the same time very elegant. Side skirts, fenders, mud guards and the new roof spoiler for the Space Cab are designed for optimized airflows. The bumper, made of galvanised steel, is designed to facilitate aerodynamics and house the cooling system.

Optimal driving comfort

The new XF and CF are a real joy for the driver!

Maximum space in the cab​

By ingeniously incorporating the engine and the cooling system in the frame, the driver obtains maximum space in the cab. The new seats can easily be adjusted for optimal driving comfort. Behind the new steering wheel is a completely redesigned dashboard. The lower mattress has been made larger for a better sleeping comfort. In short, the new XF is a real joy for the driver!

Driveline excellence

Market-leading fuel efficiency starts with the engine. The DAF XF is powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings, including an extra powerful 390 kW/530 hp variant. Many innovations result in even more torque at lower rpm for highest fuel efficiency. Vehicles can now cruise at only 1,000 rpm, resulting in extremely low noise levels found in top class luxury cars. Additional torque is available in top gear for great driveability. The new MX engine brake delivers world-class braking power at lower revs.

Engine innovations

For industry-leading fuel economy, fully variable oil, steering and coolant pumps, a new piston ring package, and a new piston skirt profile all contribute to additional friction reduction. What’s more, we’ve added a new turbo charger and a new combustion system for maximum efficiency.

High-performance gearboxes

The DAF XF comes with the latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes (12 and 16 speed). Less friction losses, even faster upshifts and the extended use of EcoRoll contribute to lowest fuel consumption, whereas driver comfort is enhanced thanks to its quiet and smooth operation and precise clutch actuation. The TraXon automated transmission also allows higher reductions in lowest gears through which even faster drive lines could be realized.

The ideal base for any superstructure

Pure excellence is carried through in the new well thought out chassis.

Strong, light and superb handling

Manufactured from high-quality steel, it’s strong, stable and light. What’s more, it has space-saving features that will delight body builders. Pure excellence is also carried through in the new well thought out chassis. Manufactured from high-quality steel,it’s both strong and light. In tractor units and some rigids, the robust, lightweight rear axle is mounted with a Stabilink construction.

Light weight increases fuel savings and payload, for greater transport efficiency.
The Stabilink rear axle suspension ensures optimum roll stability, higher payloads and superb handling.

Maximum flexibility

The DAF XF offers unmatched efficiency when it comes to chassis configurations. Components can be positioned to optimally meet your specific requirements for highest efficiency. In addition, there is ample of space for mounting pump systems, crane leg supports or large fuel tanks.

The smart chassis lay-out allows fuel tank volumes of up to no less than 1,500 liters on tractors.
Variation in chassis component positioning is almost endless for industry-leading flexibility.

Ultra-compact EAS unit

For the DAF XF we developed a completely new and ultra-compact Emissions After-treatment System. It results in more free space at the chassis. For special applications DeNOx installation and Diesel Particulate Filter don’t need to be split anymore. That also contributes to highest efficiency.

Ultra-compact EAS unit means more free chassis space.
It’s 50 kilogram lower weight directly translates into additional payload.