VDL Buses — Citea

Every city or region has specific demands relating to public transport. 

And it is precisely with regard to these demands that we, in conjunction with our customers, find customized solutions. In doing so we put the public transport of the future into practice. With buses that are tailored optimally to the requirements of the area of operation. Innovative lightweight constructions and economical drivelines, along with exceptional reliability, make our Citeas efficient and profitable vehicles. So it’s no surprise that these buses are on their way in a large number of cities and regions. Or that more and more passenger transport companies have confidence in our expertise.

The public transport of the future must be not only sustainable, but profitable as well. With the Citea range the best possible transport solution can be created for any area of operation. The Citea provides all the tools needed for efficient and economical deployment.

State-of-the-art technology is utilised to give maximum ‘Profit of Ownership’ by combining economical, environmentally friendly engines with an exceptionally low unladen weight. Low operational costs and high capacity make the Citea an ideal public transport bus. Built to customers’ whishes, fitted with everything required.

In short, custom made.

Broad selection

• Citea Low Floor completely flat floor, highly modular design, compact size and excellent manoeuvrability
• Citea Low Floor articulated bus exceptionally easy access, high capacity, perfect urban and regional transport
• Citea Light Low Entry low entry, innovative lightweight construction, excellent accessibility, exceptionally low operational costs
• Citea Low Entry low entry, highly modular design, excellent manoeuvrability, custom solution for any area of operation
• Citea Low Entry Cargo low entry, 2 m³ of luggage space, ideal for regional transport and long-distance journeys.

Travelling in a Citea is a pleasant experience. Easy entry and exit, a light and inviting interior, plenty of leg-room and seating comfort thanks to free-hanging seats and a pleasant temperature on board due to a balanced climate control system. The Citea glides smoothly through the streets to arrive punctually at its destination, being exceptionally reliable and efficient owing to the use of proven technology, a driveline consisting of harmonious parts and top quality components.

Widely praised driving performance and road-holding, an ergonomically designed driver’s area and a superb field of view for optimal safety are features of the Citea that drivers appreciate.