DAF —Multisupport

With the new DAF Multisupport services we can take a step further, offering each customer the best solution!

Traffic assistance services that add value to the business

In the haulage business, everything is geared to maximise productivity and minimise costs: the highest possible profit per tonne/kilometre. DAF MultiSupport and its new Warranty Plus packages are the building blocks of the extended DAF Repair & Maintenance program designed to offer you a tailor made services proposal that prevents unpleasant surprises, controls your monthly costs, and provides total peace of mind.

It is all about supporting the Best Business Proposition with the best product, the best services, and the best organisation behind it.

DAF Multisupport customer services

In order to fulfil every customer’s need, we have developed a range of services including the optimised existing Care packages and the new Warranty Plus packages.

• DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus – peace of mind with every truck; comprehensive driveline and vehicle services packages.
• DAF MultiSupport Care packages – flexible servicing, repair and maintenance options; to control costs and maximize vehicle availability.
• DAF International Truck Service (ITS) – maximize your uptime; 24/7 quick and professional roadside assistance throughout Europe.


Our DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus packages – available up to 3 years – can perfectly be combined with the DAF MultiSupport Care packages which are available for up to 8 years. With this setup a tailor made service solution is available for almost any vehicle application and usage.

DAF Multisupport Care+

Takes care of comprehensive preventative maintenance based on a pre-agreed monthly fee. With DAF MultiSupport Care+ your servicing dealer provides far more than just maintenance. Through experience and knowledge, the DAF technicians know above all how to detect any signs of potential future problems. By timely detecting such indications, costly breakdowns can be prevented.

DAF MultiSupport Care+ keeps your truck in excellent condition.

DAF Multisupport Warranty Plus – Driveline

Takes care of necessary repairs on the vehicle‘s driveline for a fixed price paid up front. With all new DAF vehicles, cost effective DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus – Driveline is available for up to 3 years, for repairs on the vehicle’s driveline. All is managed by DAF.

High quality repairs for a limited period.

DAF Multisupport Warranty Plus – Vehicle

Takes care of necessary repairs on the vehicle for a fixed price paid up front.
With all new DAF vehicles, cost effective DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus – Vehicle, is available for up to 3 years, for repairs on the whole vehicle. All is managed by DAF.
High quality repairs for a limited period.

DAF Multisupport Full Care

Takes care of comprehensive preventative maintenance, necessary repairs on the complete vehicle including wear,breakdown support, legal inspections, and additional optional products. DAF MultiSupport Full Care is much more than just Repair and Maintenance. It includes solutions for all service related aspects of your truck, varying from oil filter change to Vehicle Monitoring and Cost Control.

DAF dealer network and DAF ITS

The quality of our trucks depends on the quality of the entire DAF organisation behind it. We invest heavily in technology and systems, which enable us to offer an unsurpassed level of support. But the real quality of our services lies in the commitment of our people. With the most highly trained and responsive dealership network, DAF is able to deliver the most efficient, productive and cost effective services available anywhere, including:
• A total of 1200 Service Dealers throughout Europe
• Highly trained DAF technicians in every dealership – providing expert advice, service and support.

In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF International Truck Service (ITS) and the dense DAF service organisation throughout the whole of Europe: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The experienced operators offer all the assistance needed to get your truck back on the road with the minimum amount of delay, in ten different languages.
• ITS assistance is not limited to the vehicle only. Help is also provided for the trailer and superstructure.
• ITS assistance is not limited to DAF vehicles. Support is also provided to your other trucks, if necessary.
• ITS assistance brings peace of mind to the driver, organises a guarantee of payment, handles other financial issues like traffic fines, and even helps in case of illness while on the road.

With the DAF MultiSupport Care packages, DAF Warranty Plus packages, and the organisation behind it, we offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing. With DAF MultiSupport Services you can select one of the following six pre-defined services packages:

“With the new DAF Multisupport services we go one step further in offering every customer the best solution!"

• Full financial control: DAF MultiSupport offers you a fixed, tailor made, and agreed price for your repair and maintenance needs.
• Optimised vehicle performance: at your DAF dealer, well trained mechanics are familiar with every aspect of your truck and only high quality genuine DAF parts are used. Your vehicles will be kept in optimum condition, reducing the risk of a breakdown and the subsequent costly effect of a delay.
• Maximum vehicle uptime: taking into account your needs, vehicle use, truck configuration and applicable legal inspections, your dealer will create an optimised maintenance schedule that is best suited for the vehicle and for your operation. In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF ITS.
“A significant proportion of breakdowns can be attributed to insufficient maintenance!”
• Enhanced resale value: DAF MultiSupport assures the highest level of service for your vehicle. The value of having maintenance and repairs on your truck, carried out to DAF standards, with usage of genuine DAF parts will not only show through increased vehicle reliability and durability, but will also be reflected in an enhanced resale value. DAF guarantees a higher residual value with DAF MultiSupport.
• Flexible offerings: with the flexibility in our DAF MultiSupport Services program and the quality of theorganisation behind it, we are able to offer the best solution for every customer.