For over 25 years now, DAF ITS service means car service assistance for incidents which might occur to DAF vehicles, wherever they may be in Europe.

From malfunctions on the road to personal assistance during transport, ITS service is your journey partner.

ITS works with specially trained technicians, ready for emergency situations, right on the spot of the incident. ITS provides payment guarantee, so drivers needn’t carry cash with them, as TH Trucks takes over the settlement formalities between the beneficiary of the service and DAF Trucks N.V.

ITS also provides assistance for semi-trailer-related malfunctions. This service further ensures alternative transport, if the malfunction can’t be repaired on the spot.

ITS repairs

If you encounter any problems abroad, just call the number: +31-(0)40-214 3000, 24h a day, 365 days a year

ITS ensures the repair or the service you need, as well as the corresponding payment. However, it is essential you contact your local DAF dealer. Since ITS doesn’t operate with credit cards, your local Dealer becomes the guarantor of the payment. The level of the guarantee depends on the required repairs. Experience has taught us that outside regular business hours, a payment of € 1500 is necessary to perform an initial diagnosis or a provisional repair. ITS will issue the invoice to your local Dealer, who settles the corresponding amount and will further invoice it to the person who requested the ITS service.

The person calling the ITS service is the customer who asks for the intervention. Therefore, neither TH Trucks nor the ITS Service are liable for the quality and / or repair costs. Any such responsibility shall be borne by the DAF dealer who carries out the work and by the customer who signs for the acceptance of the work.

The ITS service is intermediated by the TH Trucks Dealer and doesn’t provide any guarantees by assuming the potential errors the dealers abroad making the repairs. The costs of the ITS repairs will be entirely borne by the person requesting the service, regardless of any possible subsequent complaints.

Old spare parts

If, after the repair, you want to keep the old parts, you may freely do so. It is recommended to take pictures of the parts replaced. However, take into account that, if said parts are involved in the DAF part exchange programme (reconditioned parts), your local Dealer will have to charge you a storage fee. In the event your vehicle is still in warranty at the time of the repair and you insist on keeping the old parts, your DAF dealer won’t be able to request the warranty from DAF Trucks.

ITS repairs in warranty

In case the ITS repairs fall under the incidence of DAF Trucks N.V’s general terms and conditions of warranty, when contacting the service shop, you must inform them that you request the application of such warranty conditions. Furthermore, you are required to produce proof of validity for said warranty and present it to the DAF Dealer (European Vehicle Warranty Manual, with all revisions to date, pursuant to the manufacturer’s prescriptions).

In the event the Dealer finds that the repair in question is a warranty case, according to the DAF Trucks warranty terms and conditions in force, then the DAF dealer will cover part of the costs generated by the repair while-in-warranty and will issue the invoice only for those items not covered under the warranty.

You can find further details regarding which costs are covered by the warranty in the Warranty Manual that was delivered with the vehicle to every customer (ex. of exclusions: consumable parts; difference in the fee corresponding for works performed outside regular business hours, on Saturday, on Sunday or legal holidays; DAVIE XD©, diagnosis, phone costs, TAXI, etc.)

If the decision on the warranty situation is made subsequently, it is possible that you receive a recalculation note, following the total or partial rejection of the repairs made during the warranty period. This is specifically the reason why any ITS repair should only be made if the corresponding payment for the repair made while-in-warranty is 100% secured.

ITS complaint procedure

If, following a repair made by the ITS Service, the same malfunction reappears after a certain period of time, we ask you to inform the DAF Dealer in your area as soon as the malfunction reoccurs. Your Dealer will take al the necessary measures to start an investigation, as soon as possible.

Should you consider you’ve been incorrectly assisted, please notify your Dealer in writing, as soon as possible. Your Dealer will be able to send your complaint to DAF Trucks N.V. and they will examine the situation and provide the correct solution to the problem. The fact that TH Trucks takes your complaints into account shall not exempt you, as beneficiary of the repairs, from the payment of the invoice corresponding to the ITS works.

Contact ITS Europe: +31-(0)40-214 3000