Evw holding has launched the new daf xf euro 6

The moment was celebrated on April 17th in Cluj and on April 23rd in Bucharest.

DAF XF EURO6 or “THE BEST XF EVER”, revealed for the first time at the International fair in Hanover, has brought together for these two launch events, the greatest carriers in Romania.

The most important criterion in the development of the new DAF XF was the maximum efficiency during transport. Results– a vehicle both economical and reliable, reduced operating costs, reduced weight and a maximum vehicle availability. With a completely new chassis, new transmissions, PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 engines and a revived design, DAF XF EURO6 is the best XF ever created, for the transport operator and for the driver as well.

The new image brings novel elements such as a completely redesigned front part, fitted with a prominent front grille with Aluminium accents which substantially contributes to air flow optimisation, both in terms of aerodynamics and engine cooling, in order to achieve more reduced gas consumption. Another new element is the galvanised steel bumper to reduce vulnerability, which was also designed to specifically add to the truck’s aerodynamics and engine cooling feature.

In order to complete the revolutionary profile of the new XF Euro 6, DAF introduces the LED technology, as optional equipment. It ensures an impressive lighting power and additional safety.

The new XF brings a novelty in performance as well: completely new PACCAR Euro 6 engines: MX-11 and MX-13. They have an advanced design with common –rail direct fuel injection system, VGS turbocharger, EGR, SCR and active particle filter. The power range varies between 410 and 510 CP, with a torque between 2.000-2.500 Nm. The chassis is completely new, with a smart layout of the components, gas tank capacity of maximum 1.500 litres, new cabin and axles suspension, which ensures the vehicle’s very good stability.

EVW Holding, the sole DAF authorised sales and service centre in Romania, is a joint Romanian-Dutch company, organised on five business lines and owning nine branches in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

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