Mundia Association

MUNDIA Association is a non-profit entity created by S.C. EVW HOLDING S.R.L. (actual SC TH Trucks SRL) and S.C. LOGISTIC E VAN WIJK S.R.L.


MUNDIA Association was created in the spring of 2008 with the purpose of bringing a drop of hope among Romanian people. It is a new association, wishing to improve the lives of suffering people, whose world is sad, harsh and grey.


We want to be an active part of a prosperous, healthy community, where its members can live a normal, decent life.

The mission of Mundia Association is to prevent, re-establish and preserve the health of society’s disadvantaged categories, through medical projects, surgeries or direct

The purpose of Mundia Association is to offer the chance for a new life, by improving people’s health.

1. To conduct and advocate for any activity that provides support to our communities;
2. Support volunteers, initiators and producers of charity, humanitarian, educational and sports programmes;
3. Endorse other similar non-governmental charity and humanitarian organisations;
4. Develop own programmes, as well as in collaboration with public and private authorities;
5. Support the process of moral, financial and social recovery of the affected persons, both during and after the support;
6. Extend the relief network, by encouraging and stimulating personal initiative;
7. Promote the young and encourage them to develop the knowledge and skills which will help them during personal development;
8. Other activities, as stipulated by the relevant law, according to association’s stated purpose.


MUNDIA ASSOCIATION helps disadvantaged children, families and communities, regardless of their ethnical or religious affiliations, disabilities or social status.

We believe that following our support, people with medical needs will manage to reintegrate into the society, where they can lead a normal life with their families.

Our intervention focuses on sponsoring people with medical problems, surgeries, medical treatments, prostheses and medical devices, all this to help them reintegrate in the society, so that they, at their turn, can offer hope to people next to them and can lead a normal life.

In 2009 we will set our priorities on sight-impaired persons. The Eyes Wide Open project will extend and consolidate in all special education units throughout the country.


MUNDIA is an association that wants to help and change the lives of as many people as possible.

In order to do that, we’ve established a set of selection criteria for future beneficiaries:
1. They must meet the requirements set in MUNDIA Association’s mission
2. They must have a medical problem that we can fix
3. They must have maximum chances of recovery
4. They must prove all sponsorships with supporting documents
5. They must offer us real contact data

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