ISUZU - Safety

Passive safety

SRS (Supplementary restraint system) Driver’s Airbag It is standard equipment for all models. It is activated after a frontal collision to protect the driver.

SRS Passenger’s Airbag – It is standard equipment of Comfort cabs and optional euipment in some Easy cabs.

Seat belts with pre-loading devices – In the event of a frontal collision of a certain force, the belt tensioning system immediately shortens its length, holding the occupant firmly in the seat.

Knee protection – The structure is designed to protect the knees of the front passenger from the injury.

Chassis and cab – Cab and chassis guarantee maximum passenger protection.

• SRS airbag will not be activated unless the force of a frontal impact reaches a specified value, or if it is a side impact, rear impact, vehicle roll-over and collision after activation.
• SRS Airbag is designed to supplement safety belts and it does not provide the same protection, unless the driver or a front passenger is strapped with a seat belt.

Active safety

Maximum guaranteed visibility
• Multireflector halogen spotlight
• Daytime lights, turned on, when all other lights are off
• Front and rear fog lamp as standard

Disc brakes: front and rear – Powerful and reliable braking thanks to auto-ventilating brake disc with a diameter up to 310 mm and a thickness up to 42 mm. Disc shape is optimized to facilitate the dissipation of heat.

Braking system with ABS and EBD – ABS system prevents the wheels from locking during braking; EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) modulates braking force according to the load, while also preventing the wheels from locking in the case of gravel or slippery terrain.

ASR traction control system – Standard on all models, ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) prevents slippage of the drive wheels in the case of starting off on surfaces with poor adhesiveness. ASR uses the ABS system tor brake the wheel, which rotates idle while preventing the risk of vehicle blocking on surfaces with poor adhesiveness such as mud, snow or ice. The ASR system is the electronic equivalent of a self-locking differential.

PAB – Greater safety even during braking with the new PAB system (Power Assistant Brake). In case of an abnormal behaviour of the braking system, the electronically controlled booster pump integrated in the ABS control unit ensures an increase in pressure in the brake system providing maximum stopping power.

Electronic stability control ESC – Standard for all models. ESC System (Electronic Stability Control) ensures compliance with the ideal path in case of loss of vehicle control, in understeer, oversteer or the roll-over.
• Although the ABS and ESC systems help the driver and increase safety, they cannot compensate for any irresponsible driving.