The “unconventional school”

TH Trucks (ex.EVW Holding) supports younger generations by promoting an “unconventional school”. This creative initiative entitled “The Unconventional School: Know More, Be Better!” was dedicated to extracurricular and afterschool educational activities, during the governmental programme “The Unconventional School”. There were no classes held during the week and the curriculum followed a special timetable. The purpose of this initiative was to involve all preschool/pupils and teachers in activities which addressed the children’s various interests and passions, which enhanced their talents and abilities in different fields—not necessarily those included in the national curriculum—and which could stimulate their involvement in various actions while in informal circumstances.

In this context, our company opened its gates to the children, who came in and enjoyed a truly novel experience, where they got the chance to sit behind the wheel of a truck, see where and how trucks are repaired, meet our specialists and feel the beat of an automotive company.

The children were also very excited to see with their own eyes where and especially what a tyre rethreading unit looks like—quite a top-tier one for that matter—namely our plant in Gilau, a state of the art Bandag plant built according to the highest industry standards (by Bridgestone).

We were happy that at least during one week we were able to offer something to our younger generation: a different, day, hopefully a pleasant experience, an “unconventional school”.

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