The waste generated by used tyres constitutes a major pollution source.

Beside the fact that it is an unpleasant view, it also attracts insects, retains water, creates a good environment for mosquito breeding, is dangerous, due to its extremely flammable nature, releasing toxic gas and thick smoke in the atmosphere if lit. An alarming problem, nonetheless a problem that car fleets and agents try to solve actively, through Bandag retreading.

The Bandag production process is optimised in order to reduce or eliminate the negative impact on the employees, the communities and the environment, permanently looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Retreading eliminates or decreases the use of dangerous materials. Besides, by an efficient production process, waste is reduced to the minimum, then, if possible, recycled or incinerated.

TH Trucks car fleet customers will receive instructions on how to efficiently use retreaded tyres and properly dispose of them at the end of their life cycle. If you choose to retread your tyres at TH Trucks, you choose, consciously or not, to contribute to environmental sustainability. Tyre retreading will be the way in which we contribute to creating a better environment!