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TH University offers the following courses:
1. Eco-Driving  Course
2. Vehicle Handover Course

This course consists of 3 sections:

ASSESSMENT DRIVE (before the theoretical course)
First, the driver will go on an assessment drive of about 60 km, to determine his or her driving skills. During this initial stage, the following elements are taken under review:
– The time required to go through the entire route;
– The fuel consumption / route;
– The driver’s driving style (determine the mistakes made by the driver during the truck’s operation).

After the completion of the initial assessment drive, a DAF-certified trainer will present and discuss the theories behind fuel economy, touching on the following subjects:
– Driver training into cost reduction techniques within a company;
– Introduction to truck dynamics;
– Understanding the technical features of MX engines, suitable for efficient fuel consumption;
– Efficient use of auxiliary braking systems;
– Parameters which influence fuel consumption;
– Reduction of CO2 emissions;
– Eco-driving techniques;
– Presentation of the exhaust gas treatment system;
– Introduction to the optimum truck maintenance checklist.

APPLICATION DRIVE (after the theoretical course)
After the completion of the theoretical driving course, the driver, guided by the DAF trainer, must put into practice the information acquired during the theoretical course.
The following elements are taken under review:
– The time required to go through the entire route;
– The fuel consumption / route;

At the end of the course, the trainer will compare the two practice drives and deliver his/her conclusions.

Course length: 4-6 hours.

The Vehicle Handover Course is intended to help drivers quickly understand and use the instruments and controls available on DAF-manufactured trucks.

The course will provide a comprehensive explanation of the available systems, of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule and will review the drivers’ daily/weekly and monthly duties, in order to maintain the truck in an optimum operational state and minimise any unwanted and unscheduled shop visits.

In addition to the customisations of every vehicle specification, the VHO course will introduce fleet managers and drivers to the ITS system (International Truck Service) and its corresponding benefits.

Course length: 2-3 hours.