ISUZU - Presentation

The moment you`ll climb into the N Series you will notice just how easy is to get in and out.

Long handles on wide doors which open to 90° make it a less strenuous exercise. The more stops you make, the more you’ll appreciate it. When you are safely inside your ‘office’, certified to ECE-R29 cab strength standards, you’ll find instrument and control placement has all been carefully considered and all-round visibility maximised (particularly when viewing the road in front). Access to information is also important. The N Series is equipped with Controller Area Network electronics, for easy and complete system diagnostics. In Premium models the system’s connected to a Multi-Information Display, which shows you fuel consumption, overspeed warning, engine hours, service intervals and lots more.

The N Series is also the one when it comes to range and you can choose from single cabs, tippers, crew cabs, 4x4s, different wheelbases and transmissions. To make that choice easier and more informed, there’s ISIS, an industry-leading electronic selection programme that will help you choose the most suitable truck for your needs.

Dave. The brain inside every new isuzu

With a 6.2’’ touchscreen, DAVE (Digital Audio Visual Equipment) is the brain inside every new N Series truck cabin. Packed full of smart thinking, and ready for optional extras, it’s designed to take the work out of your workday. Turn on your GPS* and you’ll be taken on the fastest, safest route for your truck size and height.

Switch on the Tyre Pressure Monitor* and you’ll be alerted to even the slightest changes. Long trip ahead? DAVE allows you to listen to MP3’s, watch movies on your break or pick-up your digital radio in stunning clarity.

Drivers, take a back sit no more

The cab of your new N Series really does put you, the driver, in your very own domain. Glance around at the generous overhead storage compartments, handy drink holders and other thoughtful features.

Reach for the shifter of your Automated Manual Transmission (now standard on many N Series models, check the specs). You drive it like an auto, but it functions like a manual. So it takes the hard work out of your day.

By now, you’ll be feeling how smooth and quiet it is in here (the front suspension’s been refined and the cab hushed, by decibels). Maybe you should plug your iPod or other MP3 device into the touchscreen unit and enjoy the drive. Speaking of which, the suspension driver’s seat (standard on all NPR and NQR models except Crew Cab and NQR access hatch) makes any journey safer and more comfortable.

Have eyes in the front, side and back of your head

As a professional driver, you need your wits about you. And your eyes. Now you can enjoy the miracle of almost 360° vision. Operating through a unique multi-view digital touchscreen audio-visual unit, this optional camera system puts you all over the truck. (Better than all over the loading bay.) In fact, you can have cameras in four different positions, covering both sides and rear, all displaying at the same time, and even with audio. You can even have warning sensors at the top of your truck’s body so you won’t miss a thing.

Unique maneuvrability

A modern cabin allows easy movement in tight spaces while and having a perfect view of every angle even during the most difficult manoeuvres.