ISUZU - Transmission

Manual transmission

Common manual transmission, depending on the version – 5 and 6 gears. The gear ratio of the first stage is reduced to facilitate start in difficult conditions.

Nees II Transmission

It represents an advanced, long proven technology; it is ideal for use in heavy traffic, essential for vehicles whose operation implies frequent stopping and starting. Besides driving in automatic mode, the transmission allows selection of sequential driving by moving the lever to the right and using the required gearing.

Isuzu robotised gearbox combines reduced consumption of a manual transmission with a number of advantages of automatic gearbox: driving comfort, easy use, reduced wear of all components. At the acceleration phase of the vehicle the NEES transmission uses a hydraulic coupling. Thanks to this technology there is no wear of mechanical parts, resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of vehicle operation and this is a reason why it is popular with more and more customers.
NEES gearbox for vehicles with 3.0L engines are designed according to a new project: Euro VI vehicles have a higher starting torque by 50%. All of these transmissions include an ECO button, which modulates the behaviour of the gearbox so that it supports the fuel economy. 1ST Button (1. Start) – in the case of compression, it shifts the first gear when starting the vehicle, allowing easy start off even on slopes with a large gradient. If a fault occurs, the system has a built-in emergency mode, which would still allow the running of the vehicle.